Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bloomington Herald-Times Says "Libertarians' Map Merits Consideration"

The Bloomington Herald-Times had a very positive editorial about the County Redistricting proposal put forth by the Libertarian Party of Monroe County.

The Republicans, who have taken control of the Monroe County Commisioners, are trying to undo the redistricting done by the Democratic controlled council in 2001. Fortunately for the voters of Monroe County, the Libertarians have weighed in on the proposal.

The Libertarian plan divides the county into northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast quadrants that come together in a "four corners" deal at an intersection in the heart of Bloomington. The populations of the four districts vary little, from 30,075 to 30,326. No township is in more than two districts and the districts are compact.

The paper editorializes that but for a couple of minor anomalies, "the map makes a lot of sense - more than the one the Democrat-controlled redistricting committee and county commissioners approved in 2001."

Congratulations Chair Margaret Fette for a job well-done.

(The Bloomington Herald-Times requires a subscription to view their articles, so I have not linked to it.)


Scott Tibbs said...

Actually, the Republicans control the County Commissioners, the Democrats cntrol the Council.

Mike Kole said...

The important thing here is that Margaret brought forward a workable soultion that is devoid of politics.

This is an example of how any Libertarian can begin to make themself a player in the process, even if not elected. It is not enough to criticize flawed policy. We must bring real solutions like this forward, and then stand behind them, challenging the existing power to adapt our proposals or do better.

Mark W. Rutherford said...

Thanks for the correction conservatibss. I had incorrect information and have edited the post. Hopefully it is now accurate.