Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Standards for Libertarian Candidates

Tonight a county chair sent to me a first draft of minimum requirements for Libertarian candidates in his/her county. It was a very good start.

The suggested requirements cover the following:

1. Appear on local media and explain to the public why they want to run for office.
2. Timely respond to and completely fill out all media questionnaires.
3. Must dress appropriately at all press events.
4. Raise a minimum amount of money for the campaign.
5. Spend a minimum amount of time working on their campaign.
6. Write a couple of Letters to The Editor explaining why they are running for office.
7. Prepare a very simple platform on what they want to accomplish in office (One page or LESS).
8. Timely fill out and file candidate and campaign finance paperwork.
9. Prepare a one page personal biography about themselves.
10. Find at least one person to run their campaign.
11. Read at least one book on how to run for office.

This is a very good start.

One requirement I'd add to the list is to respond promptly to all invitations to attend candidate forums. Even if one can't make it for various reasons (which will happen), the invitation should be appreciated and followed with a prompt response of one's availability.

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Christopher Bennett said...


Thanks for adding my blog to your list. You probably don't know that I run a political consulting group called LibertyConsulting and I am looking to get Libertarians elected Nationwide. I have been active in the LP for 15 years and I would like to see the LP act like a real political party. If you know anyone who may need my expertise in elections and campaigns please send them my way. I think LPIN is doing a great job in getting people active in the party. I wish LPIllinois had the same spirit as well!