Friday, August 26, 2005

The Goal is to Win

Libertarian Party of Indiana Political Director Brad Klopfenstein has two goals for 2006.

They are:

1. 10% of the vote in the Secretary of State race;
2. Elect Libertarians to local office.

As he puts it to me and others, "(a)nything that doesn't fit that criteria (is) off my radar."

Brad has his priorities straight, in my opinion.


Lewis said...

The opening statement is absolutely correct. We Libertarians must get away from the idea that a "good showing" is enough. Right now I only know of two Libertarians that are planning on running this cycle. Do you have any news on who else may be on the ballot this time around?

Mark W. Rutherford said...

The only candidate to officially announce in Indiana for 2006 is Michael Kole, who is seeking the Libertarian nomination for Secretary of State. Brad Klopfenstein's goal is 50 candidates for 2006 filed and putting together campaigns to win by mid-November of this year

Mike Kole said...

I'm ready for others to join me on the ballot, and not just to 'get the word out'. The purpose is to win and to move policy in our direction.

That 10% is my secondary objective. Winning is the primary objective. The 2% ballot access threshold is important, but really a tertiary objective.

Michael Houze said...

Brad & Mike;

We are ready to join you here in northern Indiana. And winning is the goal in all of our endeavours-as we are running to win, running to put our policies into action to make a REAL change on the face of Indiana and America.

You have our support here in Kosciusko county. Recruitment efforts of candidates for 2006 has begun.

Michael Houze
Kosciusko county chair