Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lunch With Political Director and the Opportunity in Hamilton County

Libertarian Party of Indiana Political Director Brad Klopfenstein and I had lunch today at the India Garden on Illinois Street in downtown Indianapolis. India Garden has a great and easy lunch buffet well worth trying if you like Indian food.

We talked about many things, especially recruiting candidates who will run to win and do the things necessary to win (it's already been figured out how to do it and there are scores of good books on it - all it takes is hard work and commitment - no silver bullets out there on winning either).

Most importantly, we talked about Hamilton County. It is the county immediately north of Indianapolis.

Hamilton County is considered a one party county - and the party is the Republican Party. However, the Republican Party in Hamilton County is split between two different tax and spend factions. Brad and I see a desire and yearning for a true limited government political party in Hamilton County. We believe that if we work hard to get our message out, the Libertarian Party will soon be considered the second political party in Hamilton County. The split between the two tax and spend factions just makes it more obvious to voters in Hamilton County that there is a true need for a second political party that is the true legacy of statesmen such as Barry Goldwater.

By the way, the Republicans in Hamilton County are tax and spenders and prohibitionists. For example, look at all the debt Carmel is piling on the graduating high school seniors who don't have the sense to move away - Carmel has engaged in so many bond issues that they have mortgaged away its future - and placed the burden of the debt on future taxpayers. Another example is how the county councilors voted to tax restaurants and send the money to the state for a stadium in another county in order to support a private enterprise. Furthermore, supposedly Republican city councils in Hamilton County are voting for smoking bans in private businesses. What's next? Prohibition against alcohol again? That certainly worked well from 1920 to 1933 (I hope you get my sarcasm). And I "enjoy" the hypocrisy of Republicans who attack Democrats for being "politically correct", yet they are imposing "politically correct" smoking bans on private business, the majority of which are small businesses.

If I didn't know better, I'd suspect that Hamilton County was a Boston suburb run by Democrats, not an Indianapolis suburb run by Republicans.


Mike Kole said...

The crazy thing about the Hamilton County Council vote for the 1% tax for the stadium is that the money is collected, sent to the state, who is supposed to distribute a portion to the stadium project, and return the rest to the County.

Hamilton County is on the budgetary skids because, so alleges the County Council, the state was withheld redistribution of COIT dollars.

Forget ideology for a minute. If you got ripped off by a scheme once, why would you enter into the same scheme with the same players and trust it to come out differently? The Hamilton County Council is the living embodyment of Einstein's definition of insanity: doing the same things repeatedly, expecting different results.

Huge opportunity in the H.C.

Chris Ward said...

I've been hearing some of this on the restaurant end. Now that I'm working in Hamilton County, namely Fishers, may affect my well-being as a server because of the upcoming tax talk. My management does NOT like this at all, and is considering sending someone from work to speak on our behalf on Monday.