Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Good Role Model for Libertarians

LPIN Political Director Brad Klopfenstein was at the Fishers Town Council meeting last Monday night. He got to speak against the proposed 1% tax increase on restaurants. He was able to criticize the tax and spend antics of the Republicans in Hamilton County. This upset one of the town councilors for he is also the Republican Chair for the county.

He had reason to be upset - Republicans in Hamilton County are tax and spenders.

This type of action is very beneficial and propels the LPIN to success.

It is very important to be involved with government if one is to effect libertarian-oriented change. Attending town, city and county council meetings is a good way to do this. People get to know you and learn about libertarian ideas. Before long you'll find the news media asking you for quotes.

And sometimes the elected officials are swayed by our public comments.

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