Friday, August 19, 2005

Libertarian Outreach to Hispanic Community

Kudos to Libertarian Party of Bartholomew County Chair Kenn Gividen for his efforts to reach out to the Hispanic community in Indiana. He's taken on the task of putting together the Libertarian Party of Indiana booth at LaPlaza's 25th Annual "Fiesta Indianapolis" Festival in Downtown Indianapolis on September 17th.

Kenn is actively raising money to pay for the booth space, getting volunteers, finding suitable handouts and displays, and doing all the other work necessary for a successful outreach booth. He's also arranged for Libertarian Party of Ohio Executive Director Robert Butler to be at the booth. Butler is conversant in Spanish, his wife is a native of Mexico and he has lived and taught school in Mexico.

Many thanks to Kenn for being a good leader by example!

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Edwin said...

Hello Mr. Rutherford,

I am with the National Telecommuting Institute. We are a government funded non-profit organization whose goal is to assist handicapped and homebound find employment that can be done from home. We are currently looking for bi-lingual candidates who speak Spanish and English in the Indiana area. I have been looking for suitable media outlets (telelvision, radion, newspapers etc) where I can reach a large part of the Hispanic community. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted via email at

Thank you,