Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Libertarian Party of Indiana Vice Chair in the News Again!

Sam Goldstein and several other Libertarians have been active in Washington Township Concerned Citizens, a group organizing a remonstrance against the latest excessive bond issue proposed by the Washington Township Schools in Indianapolis.

Sam is one of the leaders of the group.

A compromise was reached which will result in the scaling back of the project. While Sam is disappointed that the project will continue forward, the compromise was a good one in which many disparate citizens within his group can agree upon. This also avoids the remonstrance process in Indiana on the issuance of school bonds. It's either a total win or total loss in a remonstrance proceeding. Thus the compromise avoids a total loss on the remonstrance.

This shows that Libertarians can compromise when it has positive results that reduce taxes and spending. It also shows that we can play well with others, so that we can continue to organize and participate in organizations with overlapping goals. And of course, Sam lives for another day, in which he'll try to further reduce the spending of Washington Township Schools.

Here's the article on this in the Indianapolis Star in which Sam is quoted - Washington Township schools shrink building plan.

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