Thursday, September 29, 2005

Time for Libertarians to Prove the Private Sector Can Support Helping Those Down on Their Luck - and without the Government

Today I talked with a good friend that founded and has successfully developed a charitable organization in Indianapolis. He did it primarily through government funds and grants. However, he has now decided that government money is often at too high a price.

The governments' demands are often too great, too inefficient, too slow, cause undue delay and cause needless expense. They also have little to do with the success of his organization's mission.

However, the area of charity work in which he has proven to be a leader is now dependent as a whole on the government and is often unreasonably beholden to government.

My friend has started to successfully reach out to private business institutions in the city, with success, in order to reduce his organization's reliance on the government. His organization has just completed their first project without government funds. But he'd like to be able to do more projects in this manner.

I told him that he should reach out to Indiana Libertarians. I'm sure we are a charitable bunch, especially to help out an organization wanting to wean itself from a reliance on government funds. You'll be hearing and reading more about this in the near future.

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