Monday, September 05, 2005

LPWC Garage Sale a Success!

Here are selected parts of the report on the LPWC Garage Sale that I received from Libertarian Party of Wayne County Chair Rex Bell:

". . . Here are some of the highlights:

Mike Kole, who is seeking the Libertarian nomination for Secretary of State in 2006 stopped by Saturday to shake hands, kiss babies and give The Quiz at our information booth. Thanks Mike, Ame and Isabel.

We raised a little over $2300.00 at this years sale. If we add next years sale total, plus a commitment we have received for next years (sic) campaign, we will be able to start the campaign with a minimum of $7500.00. I don't think raising $10,000.00 is out of the question, which could make us a player in the 2006 local elections.

Bennie Maynard won the free gallon of gas. We used our "Please send me more information on the Libertarian Party" forms as the sign-up slips . . .

. . . We raised $230.00 for the state party.

We sold 64 pints of Ma Bell's World Famous Apple Butter, Cheryl talked someone into buying that turquoise house robe, Marvin was able to get the Cotton Candy out from behind his ears, and some shoppers returned 2 or 3 times to dine at Steph's Cafe.

We sold out of neat stuff, so start saving for next years (sic) sale. Remember, one person's crap is another person's neat stuff.

If you weren't able to bring anything to this years sale, and you are feeling guilty, you can relieve some of that guilt by sending a monetary donation to the LPWC. . . "

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