Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Sound Bytes" from Mike Kole's Latest Campaign Literature

Mike Kole is seeking the 2006 Libertarian nomination for Indiana Secretary of State. His literature shows a desire to win and not be yet another one of those "I'm only running to publicize libertarian philosophy to voters" campaigns of past years.

Mike's running to win.

Those prior campaigns to publicize libertarianism to the public, when done well, were very important. But we now need to get past that stage and start to put lots of Libertarians into elected office.

Here's some of the sound bytes from his latest literature:

"Libertarians Deserve to Win Elections!"

"Hoosiers Deserve to Have Libertarians on the Ballot!"

"You know that if more Libertarians were elected, all Hoosiers would enjoy greater prosperity and freedom."

"Mike Kole is not running for the Libertarian Party's survival. Mike is working for the Libertarian Party's arrival!"

"If you want the Libertarian Party to achieve MAJOR PARTY STATUS, join Mike's team and support his campaign today!"

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