Sunday, October 30, 2005

Flat Top Grill Fun Place to Meet For Yesterday's Central Committee Meeting of the Libertarian Party of Indiana

Flat Top Grill of Fort Wayne, 4150 W. Jefferson Blvd., was a pleasant surprise as a location for yesterday's Libertarian Party of Indiana Central Committee meeting. It was recommended by the Fort Wayne/Allen County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The Flat Top Grill is a "create your own stir fry" restaurant. While the process of ordering one's food at first appeared to be onerous, it was actually quite easy, fun and efficient. The best part was that the stir fry was exactly as I wanted it, and was prepared very well.

We met in a pleasantly decorated back room that was still convenient to the stir fry area of the restaurant. Service was good and pleasant.

The meeting went well too. After an hour for lunch, the meeting started promptly at 1 pm. It was concluded around 2:45 pm (and this included a 10 minute break).

The president and vice president of the Indiana Wesleyan University College Libertarians were present and updated the Central Committee on their successes this semester.

Many matters were discussed. They included possible revisions to our bylaws that the Central Committee may suggest to the next convention as a result of the new zero dues policy of the national party (the bylaws were amended only as absolutely necessary last month by the Central Committee as an emergency measure to avoid ridiculous results).

The February 4, 2006 Indiana College Libertarian Conclave was announced and discussed.

Minimum requirements were debated and adopted for state and unaffiliated county candidates recruited by the Central Committee to fill vacancies left from the annual convention. (These requirements should be posted on the LPIN website in the next few days.)

Discussions over the last month by Central Committee members on nine areas of improvement suggested by me as State Chairman were summarized by Third District Representative Rick Bowen and briefly discussed by the Central Committee.

The new interim Executive Director Dan Drexler was introduced and many kudos were given to outgoing Executive Director Brad Klopfenstein.

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