Monday, November 14, 2005

Hamilton County Libertarian Party Hosting a Big Event Tomorrow

Kudos to the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County. Tomorrow night it is hosting Tom Wright, Executive Director of Americans for Fair Taxation, who will be speaking at Barley Island Brew Pub in Noblesville at 7 PM. Also joining Mr. Wright will be the host of WXNT 1430'’s "Abdul in the Morning” Show", Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, BSU Economist and Libertarian activist Cecil Bohannon and Ron Reinking, a Fort Wayne CPA, who has contibuted many articles for the Indiana Policy Review.

The Americans for Fair Taxation have brought forth a plan which seeks to put control of taxation back in the hands of Americans. With the recent release of "“The Fair Tax Book"”, by nationally syndicated talk show host Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder (R-GA), the Fair Tax has become a hot topic.

Mike Kole, who is seeking the Libertarian Party of Indiana nomination for Secretary of State, has this to say about the Fair Tax: "The Fair Tax is an intriguing proposal. While it doesn't provide everything I would want in terms of tax relief, the Fair Tax would eliminate Federal income taxes, social security taxes, the myriad hidden taxes on all the products we buy, and even the IRS. That kind of proposal deserves serious consideration from all Americans, but especially from our lawmakers."

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