Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Libertarian Party of Hamilton County Meeting Featuring Fair Tax Program Gets Mentioned on WXNT and WIBC

I'm hearing very good reports from the attendees of last night's Libertarian Party of Hamilton County meeting. The Fair Tax people sent as the speaker their national Executive Director, Tom Wright. One Libertarian activist who attended told me that he is "top notch".

Wright was interviewed on WIBC's popular "Greg Garrison Show" yesterday. It was mentioned that the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County was the host of last night's event. Those of us who have dealt with the Garrison show can imagine how he squirmed on this, as he's mentioned in the past that he doesn't care for us (Libertarians). (He thinks we are all Republicans and should go back to the Republican Party - but my question for him is if the former Republicans do this, where should the 50% of our activists who are former Democrats go? They definitely won't go the the Republican Party.)

Today, Wright was on WXNT's "Abdul in the Morning Show".

WXNT and WIBC are both Indianapolis radio stations.

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