Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Dan Drexler Attends Carmel City Council Meeting - People Applaud Losing Their Freedom

Last Monday night, Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Dan Drexler attended the Carmel City Council meeting. The council was taking up the issue of a smoking ban. Here's a part of Dan's report to me:

". . . I encountered Brad in his new role with ILBA. . . . the council in Carmel . . . passed a very watered down smoking ban. . .

The details:

* Restaurants serving under 21yo are affected.
* $50 fines to the individual for an offense -- I am unsure of the penalty to the business.
* Fire Marshall, his designee and building inspectors are the enforcement arm. Police are NOT allowed to enforce this ordinance, as the council went out of their way to strike them from the language of this ordinance.

It passed 4-3, with my old buddy Council President Kevin Kirby lamenting the applause at the vote, "I never could imagine a day when the people would applaud the government taking away a freedom.""

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