Sunday, February 05, 2006

Indiana College Libertarian Event a Success!

Yesterday, the Libertarian Party of Indiana sponsored the first of hopefully many annual Indiana College Libertarian gatherings.

There were approximately 40 students, advisors and LPIN'ers in attendance. Student Libertarian Leaders from Indiana Wesleyan University, Notre Dame, IUPUI, IU-Southeast, Indiana University - Bloomington, University of Indianapolis and Hanover were in attendance.

Dr. James Lark, past national chair of the Libertarian Party and a professor at the University of Virginia was the keynote speaker. He also led small break-out groups with the students. Dr. James Fuller, facility advisor of the University of Indianapolis Libertarians provided great help with the facilities and working with the students at the gathering. Melanie Hughes, advisor of the IU-Southeast College Libertarians also made great contributions at this event.

As an end to the event, the non-College Libertarians left the lecture hall to the College Libertarians and their advisors. After an hour, the Indiana College Libertarians decided to start their own web site, work together more with each other and to hold the next annual event on the first Saturday of February 2007.

Their initial steps will be lead by a committee of one delegate from each of the seven schools in attendance. Their first goal is the creation of the web site.

They also hope more schools express interest in getting involved and providing a delegate representative to the group.

Lastly, many, many thanks to Dr. Fuller of the University of Indianapolis for the excellent facilities and to Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3's), for supplying the lunch for the event.

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gRegor said...

Twas a great event indeed, glad I could make it and I'm glad LPIN put it together!