Sunday, July 02, 2006

Indiana Has a Great Delegation at the Libertarian National Convention

Here are the LPIN's delegates currently at Portland, Oregon for the Libertarian National Convention:

Mark Burris, Bloomington
Sheri Conover Sharlow, Marion
Robert Everline, Greenwood
Chad Geckler, Indianapolis
Greg Hertzsch, Clarksville
Melanie Hughes, New Albany
James O'Gallagher, Hobart
John Rutherford, Carmel
Laura Rutherford, Carmel
Mark Rutherford, Indianapolis

Todd Singer, Plainfield
Rebecca Sink-Burris, Bloomington
Mike Sylvester, Fort Wayne
Karena Sylvester, Fort Wayne
Woodrow Windischman III, Silver Lake

Here's some news:

1. Rebecca Sink-Burris is seeking to become the alternate representative on the Libertarian National Committee for Region Three (Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio).
2. Michael Dixon announced Friday evening he is not running for re-election as national chair.
3. Krist Novoselic attended Bill Redpath's party for delegates last night (Novoselic was the drummer for Nirvana). Redpath is running for national chair.
4. Mike Sylvester was the volunteer "bartender" for Chuck Moulton's party for delegates last night. Moulton is running for national vice-chair.
5. Only four of 67 platform planks were retained by the delegates. The procedure is now to vote on 44 of them separately on whether to reinsert them into the platform, which will happen this morning. The remaining platform planks rejected by the delegates were consolidated into about 9 new planks yesterday and are in the "new" platform.
6. Bob Everline has made at least 10 of the last 11 national conventions.

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