Sunday, July 23, 2006

Indianapolis Government Proves Once Again Why Government Often Doesn't Work

The City of Indianapolis bought the Indianapolis Water Company several years ago. Part of the deal was a several year moratorium on raising rates.

Now, that the moratorium has expired, the Indianapolis Water Company - now a government owned utility - is asking for a 25% to 32 % increase in rates and an "impact fee" of $1200 on new homes being built in its coverage area.

Aren't you glad the City of Indianapolis bought the Indianapolis Water Company? Looks like it's going to even make it harder for the working class and poor to buy new homes in Indianapolis. $1200 is a lot to most people - but of course this is nothing to the self-described "elites" in our government who claim they know best (and have taken advantage of the "system" so that $1200 is not a lot for them).

Libertarians know that the government's purpose for buying the Indianapolis Water Company was all about power and control - not what's best for common folk. This is further proof of it. Vote Libertarian and get the "limousine liberals" and "confiscate conservatives" out of government. Your pocket book will appreciate it,

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