Sunday, July 23, 2006

Indianapolis Government Proves Once Again Why Government Often Doesn't Work - Part Two - The Central Library Fiasco

The Indianapolis Star has an in-depth special report on the Central Library mismanagement and cost overruns.

The simple problem - government isn't set-up to do these things very well.

Inevitably politics gets in the way - drives the cost up - decisions are made on "feel good" reasons and not practical reasons, and it creates a building that costs too much, isn't what anyone really wanted and drives up taxes.
And the building is six inches too far south, has big structural flaws that are being fixed, and is a general disaster.

In private industry, if this happens, people get fired, it gets fixed, or the company goes out of business.

And if it is truly a good idea, someone will take the pieces and make it work.

With government, the taxpayer, including small business owners, get soaked with higher taxes for a monument to the government officials.

Now as a Libertarian, I was pleased that many millions of dollars was raised privately for this building. I'm not pleased that my taxes are going to increase to pay for the mismanagement of the project.

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