Thursday, August 10, 2006

Airport Screening Creating More Libertarians

That's all I'll say right now about the current airport screening program other than good old fashioned police work does the trick again - and the police doing the good work aren't at the airports either.

An analogy is how resources are being used with seat belt enforcement zones or burglary detective squads. I support resources being put into burglary detective squads. Right now, it is more popular to fund seat belt enforcement zones and inadequately fund burglary detective squads.

A good friend of mine has suggested that the solution to the current problems is for all air travelers to fly naked.

Perhaps the only solution is to ban airplanes. I'm sure some Democrat or Republican is having his/her staff draft the bill as I write this.

Common sense people! Common sense! Whatever happened to it?


gRegor said...

If we use common sense, the terrorists will win!

Kenn Gividen said...

Eventually we'll all be fitted with chip implants making us secure in our "nakedness."