Thursday, August 10, 2006

Indianapolis Public Schools Asks for a $380 Million Tax Increase

It's for buildings (also known as monuments to the school administrators who cause them to be built). Read more about it on the WIBC web site article titled "IPS Wants Tax Increase To Raise $380 Million".

Won't it be wonderful that Johnny still won't be able to read, but it will be in fine accommodations?

Also, I learned how to read in an elementary school building that was not air conditioned. Maybe I was lucky and learned how to read despite that huge handicap.

Superintendent Eugene White states the capital improvements are needed to allow students to take greater pride in their schools.

Of course, it is a well know fact that greater pride in one's school is the most important thing - far more important than well paid competent teachers and a parental support system that supports learning.

Also, of course, a lack of air conditioning and great pride in the school building might get in the way of one's self esteem - in which IPS schools and their self esteem programs have proven to be very effective, as evidenced by Indianapolis' current culture of young people who join gangs and shoot and kill others - while having high self esteem. Aren't you glad the current state of government schools is so successful?

As usual, government is throwing money at things that won't fix the problem.

Have you started to vote Libertarian? If not, why not?

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