Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Letter in the Columbus Republic Supports Gividen For Indiana Senate

Here it is:

"Letter: Reasons listed to back Gividen
From: Duncan Adams


Received: Aug. 8

I'm supporting Kenn Gividen for state Senate for several reasons.

First, Gividen is opposed to state sales tax on Internet purchases.

His Republican challenger is in favor of Internet sales tax.

Internet sales tax would greatly damage Indiana's economy.

Shoppers would simply buy their products in other states. In addition, it would be an accounting nightmare, forcing small businesses to take on another layer of government bureaucracy.

Gividen is for school choice.

He thinks the Democrats' suggestion to punish mom-and-pop business is a "silly" way to control gasoline price gouging.

Gividen is the best candidate to defeat the liberal Democrat."

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