Monday, August 14, 2006

Report From the Gividen Campaign

Here's the latest report from the Gividen for Indiana Senate campaign on last Saturday's door-to-door campaigning:

"I met with Chad Geckler at 10 am to do door-to-door work in Franklin. We invested about 3.5 hours placing door hangers. Together we distributed about 700 hangers, or 50 per hour each.

Two others have indicated they would meet us next Saturday. Hopefully we will have as many as six. This will allow us to reach 2,100 homes next week. If we could average 2,000 homes per week, we could make over 20,000 personal contacts prior to the Nov. 7 election.

Still needed..

Cold Cash - $1,000 for yard signs and $2,000 for 20,000 door hangers.

Warm Bodies - ANYTHING YOU CAN DO to encourage Libertarians to put their feet to action next Saturday would be greatly appreciated."

To volunteer or donate to the campaign, please email Kenn at 1492(at)

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