Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Indiana's Attorney General Is Against the United States and Indiana Constitutions

Indiana's Attorney General Steve Carter has sent a letter to the Republicans and Democrats telling them that they have no right to Freedom of Speech under the Indiana and United States constitutions.

He didn't send me a letter (at least not as of yesterday's mail). Probably because I and other Libertarians know better and will stand up to statists such as Carter.

Read more about this on Mitch Harper's blog Fort Wayne Observed in a post titled "AG tells campaigns: no automated phone calls" and in the Indianapolis Star article "Political parties warned automated calls illegal".

Carter threatens misdemeanors convictions to violators. I wonder if it should be at least a misdemeanor for a public official to attempt to stymie the free speech rights of individuals and the political parties they are supposedly allowed to form pursuant to their free association rights? (Oh - I forget - the Constitution means nothing to our current government officials - as exemplified by Indiana's Attorney General.)


jeff said...

Political parties, or car dealers, et al can yammer all they want. Just not on my phone. It "ain't free speech" if I pay the phone bill.

Mike Kole said...

I was hoping to use autodialers for get-out-the-vote calls to supporters of my campaign and the Libertarian Party. These are people who have given me or the Libertarian Party their phone number in the hopes that they would be called!

This is kind of like taking autonailers away from carpenters. Sure, the nails can be driven in, but in a much slower and more costly fashion.

At that, I think you see the motivation behind this.