Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Allen County Libertarian Party to Fight Oppressive Smoking Ban

Here's the release from the Allen County Libertarian Party:

"Allen County is preparing to pass a smoking ban that would most likely be the most restrictive in Indiana and one of the more restrictive in The United States.

Robert Enders went to a public meeting last night and spoke against the ban. He was joined by a large number of local small business owners.

This is an issue The Libertarian Party of Allen County should champion!

I ask that all of you write a 50 – 100 word “Letter to the Editor” supporting our local small business owners and send it to the local newspapers. I have a complete list that you can use.

This is a property rights issue and one that we need to get involved in!

HUNDREDS of people attended the meeting!

Mike Sylvester
Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Allen County"

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