Monday, November 27, 2006

But At Least We Have Palaces to House Our Failed Government Schools

The State of Indiana released heavily revised and far more reliable figures on Indiana's true high school graduation rate. It's not pretty, but credit is due to Governor Daniels and Superintendent of Schools Sue Ellen Reed for a far better analysis of the situation. Read more about it in the Indianapolis Star article titled "Grad rates fall under new formula".

Nevertheless, if Indiana's government schools was a business, it likely would be put out of business by students and parents suing and asking for their tax money to be refunded for its failure to deliver promised services.

Also, it is amazing the number of grand "palaces" housing Indiana's schools. Unfortunately, throwing money at administrators and the monuments they build to themselves is not effective. Major changes are needed.

I suggest going back to smaller schools closer to the community with regional centers to house more expensive lab equipment. Wingate, Thorntown, Darlington, Campbellsburg, Middletown, etc. all deserve the return of their high schools and the boost this will give to these towns.

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