Thursday, November 30, 2006

Indiana Weselyan University College Libertarian President to Debate Detractor December 4th

Here's are the details from Indiana Wesleyan University College Libertarian President Brian Bither:

". . . there is going to be a huge debate at IWU next Monday night". . .

. . . "due to the Christian ethos on campus, most feel as though legislating morality is important and consequently lean more Republican than Libertarian. Though we may be able to argue pragmatically that empowering government to legislate morality for a certain group also empowers it against that same group, that trying to fix social problems through legislation rarely works and often creates negative side effects, etc., these people struggle with a religious duty to vote "morally."

Fortunately, a student on campus has given us the opportunity of a lifetime. He represents an extremely judgmental and fundamental perspective, and he wrote a couple articles that offended the majority of the student body. In the second article, he said that College Libertarians (along with several other organizations on campus) should not be allowed to exist because we violate Christian morals. I wrote back and challenged him to a debate, because I am absolutely confident that the Bible does not permit Christians to physically impose their beliefs on other groups.

I happen to be a Biblical Literature major, a State Champion Debater, and a National Champion Bible Quizzer - so this is right up my alley. The school has reacted against him and is relatively aware of my debating (skills), so this is the buzz of Indiana Wesleyan right now. We have table tents, a big banner in the main walkway, and we may get the front page of the school newspaper. Of the people we could reach on facebook, we have over 100 people who have said (so far) they would definitely come to the event and in addition to that another 130 who said they might come (the event is called "Patrick Grindlay vs. Brian Bither debate"). This will probably be the biggest crowd we've ever had, easily outdoing our 8 Trillion Dollar Debt Day Party last semester.

In a certain sense, this is not a Libertarian debate because I am not really arguing for any particular Libertarian policy. But I am fighting against the #1 hindrance for students on this campus from becoming Libertarians. I don't know how interested or involved you all want to be, but I thought I'd relay this on to you because this is certainly a battle that will make a difference to the Libertarian world.


Brian Bither
President, College Libertarians of IWU
Indiana Wesleyan University"


Joe Hauptmann said...

When and where is this taking place? Will it be video taped?

gRegor said...

I just contacted Brian via Facebook for more details, and this is his response:

"The event it taking place at 10pm on Monday, December 4th at IWU. IWU's address is 4201 S. Washington Street, Marion, IN, 46953 (if you want to mapquest it). The location will be in the Commons of our Student Center, which is a large building in the middle of campus. If you come a little early and make it to the center building on campus, there should be a lot of people heading in that direction. Maybe we'll put up signs."

I'm planning on attending, will look into possibly recording it, or touch base with them to see if they plan on recording it. My guess is they will be recording it.

greg kelver said...

I sure am glad that he is on our side of this debate. The future looks really bright when we have young powerhitters like him stepping up to the plate. What a great opportunity for the LPIN! Good luck Brian!