Saturday, December 02, 2006

Guess What - Indiana Government is Big Polluter - And You Trust It to Regulate Other Polluters?

Read about how Indiana government is responsible for polluting Indiana streams with its 36 government road stops in this article in the Indianapolis Business Journal titled "INDOT down in dumps over rest stops - Agreement forces agency to clean things up".

Now the government agency responsible for polluters is the one that intervened - but anyone who's been to a rest stop in the last 30 years has to have suspected it was polluting something somewhere.

However, we do have a really nice expensive stadium for the Colts in downtown Indianapolis - let's hope that the stench from the White River because of Indianapolis' antiquated sewer system doesn't make it uninhabitable in the future. We first must have the Lucas Oil Stadium and bars in the Center Township Trustee's office before we stop dumping raw sewage into the major river that runs through the downtown. Government has its priorities you know.

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