Friday, December 01, 2006

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” - Vince Lombardi - famous Green Bay Packers football coach.

If everyone involved with the Libertarian Party of Indiana takes this to heart, and shows they want to win by their actions, we will win a number of offices in 2007 and show our critics we can elect Libertarians.

The first step is learning how to win - and I have lots of links to political campaign resources to the right of this post, immediately underneath the list of elected Libertarians in Indiana.


Anonymous said...

Or you can join the Free State Project, move to New Hampshire, and support movements that ARE ACTUALLY WORKING NOW!

Mark W. Rutherford said...

I will not run from the fight for better government in Indiana until it is certain that it can not be obtained. The political fight has just begun.

Lastly, I'm not sure how the Free State Project is actually working now to instill more freedom in Indiana as compared to the Libertarian Party of Indiana, which has elected Libertarians to partisan office, and has had effects on many issues, including mitigating or stopping smoking bans inflicted on private business, doing the same regarding tax increases, stopping zoning boards from abusing the law and stop eminent domain abuse, to name a few areas of success.

I'm curious why you think the Free State Project is actually working now? Has it met its goals of more freedom in New Hampshire? It may have and of course, I'd like to hear more about it and how it was done.

Jitgos said...

Anonymous I agree completely!

I was actually a bit excited and almost optimistic that one of the highly publicized (with LP circles) races would accomplish a win or at least a decent showing.

How much did Badnarik spend? I think he tried about as hard as anyone could and had the resources above and beyond anything we are going to normally see and he accomplished 4% or so.

My hope is alive only in the free state project. shows some early success freestaters are having. Not to mention an early mover was just elected to the state house after living in the state only 2 years.

Northern Indiana FSP Coordinator.
Jeremy Couch

Jitgos said...

Sorry Mark you submitted your post as I was writing mine and I didn't see it.

I'm sad to say I'm pretty certain that the fight is over unless we team up as the free state project is doing.

Personally as much as I support the LP I couldn't care less about obtaining partisan office. I want libertarians elected and making changes for less intrusive government. They can run as R's, D's, L's whatever. The libertarian (and I mean extremely libertarian) guy that was just elected to the state house ran as a Democrat of all things. He just talked about REAL ID and gained the support of enough people to get elected.

I'm not saying that NH is a "free state" today. Far from it, but it's the best chance I can see for liberty in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mark, at the rate the LPIN is currently progressing, it will be several decades before I obtain an acceptable amount of liberty. I see some very positive results coming in NH within only a few years.