Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Signficant Number of Indiana House Republicans Vote for Minimum Wage and to Hurt Those Who Want to Build a Resume and Advance Themselves

The bottom rung of the economic ladder has once again been raised higher, thus making it harder for the poor to find entry level jobs and build a career that gets them out of poverty. And, as is increasingly the case, a significant number of Indiana House Republicans voted for the increase, proving once again there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Read more about this in the Indianapolis Star article "House passes minimum wage increase".

If these Republicans and Democrats truly cared about the poor, they'd try to get Congress to drop the highly regressive payroll tax, which as a portion of one's income, hits the poor much harder than the rich. But if they did that, of course, it would hit the legislators' pockets - very few of them are poor - and most are fairly rich by any standard.

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ed gluck said...

The payroll taxes argument is a good one for U.S. candidates or state candidates for state and county taxes.

Although Libertarians should be against a minimum wage I would certainly advance a minimum wage if it is tied to ending tax abatements and TIF ripoffs of the poor and working folks. This can and SHOULD be done on the local level this year then advanced next year.

Local parties need cover from the State LP who should support the locals especially in ending corporate welfare. A $16/hour minimum wage rate ten years out - 2018 sounds like a lot but it is not.

This would put corp. benefits on the table and let the poor and small business look at the LP (if not only to despise it) which is very much needed since (think Costa Rica) only the poor have been known to support the libertarians. (I did find it funny that the Costa Rican President recently committed zero troops to the "coalition" but the Congress of Costa Rica said "No!".

The LP should be for "We the People" and not imperial (read that corporate) Presidents.

The Federal Reserve is also stealing money from the worker. Here is a good video from Mises: