Saturday, March 03, 2007 Me vs Schellinger: an insider's story

An interesting post by Kenn Gividen and his experiences with a leading Democrat contender for the 2008 gubernatorial nomination at his blog Me vs Schellinger: an insider's story.

I'd say that Schellinger is a part of the big business/government complex that prefers to avoid free markets, but loves government controlled markets in which they are the elites. Big useless government school buildings are good for big business that builds them. Who cares if the students aren't being taught anything but high self esteem without corresponding achievement. My experience with recent graduates is that Indiana has a large number of slackers who think highly of themselves, but they'd have to pay me minimum wage to work for me.

And this nexus between big business and government is not limited to a political party. It's rampant among Democrats and Republicans.

Also, Indiana politicians are now increasingly becoming career government workers rather than normal "Joe's and Jane's" (take a look at the number of Indiana legislators and their spouses that work for government institutions - if you want to find a legislator after a session go to Ivy Tech, for example).

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Mike Kole said...

Mark, I was astonished to be on the trail last year to find just how many office seekers are educators. It really floored me.

Education is over-represented in government, and look what it's turned into.