Friday, March 02, 2007

To Those Who Believe in Government Health Care - I Hear You Say You Want it to be Like Another Government Run Progam - The Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Read this article in the Indianapolis Star titled "BMV renewal notices running late". If health care is ever run like "successful" government run programs like the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, we will all be dead by the time we are forty.

Why do people who like government health care trust government to do that, when they tend to be the ones who don't like government requirements to present identification to vote because they don't trust government not to disenfranchise targeted voters?

My conclusion - their motives aren't what's best for people, but are all about power and control for them and their self-styled elitist friends.


ed gluck said...

The BMV is in on the crapitalism. Crony Capitalism - In Terre Haute the BMV will be out in Farmland owned by, and this is a guess, a corp. close to the governor.

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Keith said...

Mark, its not because they support the power structure, its because they are ignorant. People think the BMV is "successful" because they know nothing else. The BMV is a simple thing for me. When I put a license plate on my car, it doesn't get better gas mileage, break down any less, last longer or make me money. Therefore, its an unneeded piece of crap attached to my car because the government wants it there.

The level of service rendered at government agencies has always been so horrible, so substandard that anything even approaching the 'quality' customer service provided by Wal-Mart is considered quality when we are talking about government services.