Friday, March 02, 2007

Tippecanoe Libertarians Take Action Against the Slippery Slope of Government Abuse

Tippecanoe County Libertarian Party Chair Randy Young and activist Casey Shoaf take a stand on DNA testing. Read more about this in the Indianapolis Star article titled "Some felons skip DNA date".

Previously, only individuals convicted of violent felonies had to give a DNA sample for a state database. The Indiana General Assembly changed that last year. Now everyone convicted of a felony after July 1, 2005 has to do so.

For those who work in the criminal justice system, there is a big gray area between why some matters are a misdemeanor and why some matters are a felony. There wasn't such a large gray area between violent felonies and misdemeanors.

Now that DNA sampling is required for nonviolent felonies, DNA sampling for misdemeanors is probably not too far behind - and the gray area between traffic tickets and misdemeanors is huge. My prediction, by 2010, get caught speeding, give a sample of your DNA.

It's for the children you know.

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