Saturday, May 26, 2007

Good Times at the Libertarian Party of Indiana Annual State Convention

Last week end was the annual convention of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. It was in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Grand Wayne Center. The host hotel was the Hilton.

Friday night, the local Libertarian Party of Allen County put on a wonderful welcoming party. It was very well attended, packing the house of Jack and Hillary Evans, the hosts of the party.

Jack is an accomplished cook, and had quite the spread of food including exceptional desserts.

There were door prizes (a very nice touch) and a sufficient supply of beer, wine and bless them, scotch.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a cake with my picture on it, in honor of my seven years as State Chairman. This was very nice. James Lark, a past national chairman of the Libertarian Party was there. He addressed the crowd and said some very nice things about me. Thanks Jim - and you've been great to Indiana. The Indiana LP wouldn't be where we are without your gracious, general and often times specific support.

At the end of Jim's speech, Doug Horner, on behalf of the Libertarian Party of Allen County, presented a gift to me - an incredibly big 1.75 liter bottle of single malt scotch. What a thoughtful gift (I enjoy single malt scotchs) and I greatly appreciate it. You can see a picture of me with the bottle of scotch on the blog Summit City Libertarians.

More on the annual convention in my next post.

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