Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Indiana Public Defender Commission

I'm very honored that Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has appointed me to serve as a member of the Indiana Public Defender Commission.

Governor Daniels had three positions to fill, one of which had to be outside his own political party (Republican). I was appointed as a Libertarian. The appointment is through July 1, 2010.

Here is a synopsis of the statutory purpose of the Indiana Public Defender Commission - It “recommends standards for indigent defense in capital cases, adopts guidelines of salary and fee schedules for individual county reimbursement eligibility, and reviews and approves requests for reimbursement in capital cases. In addition, the Commission adopts guidelines and standards for county reimbursement eligibility in non-capital cases.”

I greatly appreciate Governor Daniels’ trust in me as a worthy candidate for this position and his appointment of me to serve as a member on the commission.


Rex Bell said...

Congratulations Mark.

Debbie said...

Mark, can you help us learn what sort of things you can do as a libertarian while on such a commission?


Kevin said...

I think this is Awesome! Congratulations Mark!

Mark W. Rutherford said...

Thanks Rex and Kevin.

Good question Debbie. It has a lot of influence, direct and indirect, on how much taxpayer money is spent on public defender services. If my three years on the board results in policies that limits public defenders to the truly indigent, then it will result in significant savings to the taxpayers.

I'm only one person out of eleven on the commission, so it is likely that I might only start the process towards taxpayers paying less for public defender services. I've observed over the years that change in society and government is usually gradual, and starts with a lone advocate 10 or 20 years earlier. But it rarely starts to change without that lone advocate.

Debbie said...

Thank you for the explanation and good luck.

Endiana.com said...

More congrats