Saturday, August 25, 2007

Information on Keltner for Indiana Senate Fundraiser

Here is a link to the Keltner for Indiana Senate site where you can get information, directions, and sign up for his golf fundraiser on September 15th.


Anonymous said...

I began following the Libertarians when Andy Horning was running for governor and was very impressed. Your 2004 candidate Gividen continued to impress me when he said that property taxes were "inherently evil."

What I want to know is...

Why did these two men leave (or were run off from) the party?

It seems every time you guys get a valuable candidate who articulates my values, someone in the party gets jealous.

I don't know Keltner, but if turns out to be a valid candidate I hope the libertarians don't run him off. said...

I have highest respect for LPIN and parted ways with fond memories. I can honestly say that my tenure with the Libertarians was among the highlights of my life; no exaggeration.

I had (and have) disagreements (don't we all) such as pandering to special interests.

No one forced me out and if these insane rumors persist I may just rejoin!!!