Saturday, August 25, 2007

Las Vegas Atlas!PAC Board Meeting

Today's the Atlas!PAC annual meeting.

Last night, George Squyres and Sue, Todd Singer, Deborah and Stephen Gordon, David Owens and I had dinner at Morton's. I insisted on Morton's because I had yet to go to the one in Las Vegas, and a fun "goal" is for me to go once to every Morton's in the United States.

Atlas!PAC firmly believes in making it nice for its volunteers. Funds were found that were contributed and earmarked specifically for the board members. Their hotel stay, Saturday breakfast and lunch, and coffee, soda and snacks throughout the day are being provided for them.

Many from our dinner party then went to the mall at Caesar's Palace and marveled at the full crowds at 11 pm. Also, when we left around midnight, the outside tempature was 120 degrees farhenheit. When we left the concrete and asphalt of the Vegas strip, the temperature dropped to a more comfortable 107 degress farhenheit!

Many, many thanks to the hundreds of hours and sometimes thousands of dollars provided by the talented and dedicated board members of Atlas!PAC.

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