Wednesday, August 22, 2007

LaPorte County Libertarians Challenge Another Private/Public Eminent Domain Abuse

Dan Drexler of LaPorte reports as follows:

"La Porte County libertarians spoke at a community meeting in opposition to the proposed intermodal transport facility. At the root of their opposition is the proposed use of eminent domain (purportedly by the Port Authority in order to get around Indiana's new eminent domain use laws) to transfer private property into the hands of the railroads and industrial developers.

Greg Kelver, who has a parcel of land targeted in this development, delivered Institute for Justice "No Eminent Domain" posters to the U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly, State Senator Jim Arnold (D) and Rep. Tom Dermody (R), each in attendance. Other local officials were among the more than 600 people reported to attend.

WSBT-22, South Bend, has a nice recap of the event on their website. . ."

Below is a picture of the fire station packed with people in Union Mills. It is reported that the crowd went out the doors and into the parking lot.

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