Monday, August 06, 2007

Latest News on Libertarian Party of Allen County Garage Sale Fund Raiser

"The LPAC Garage sale is coming up fast. Jack Evans (jackevans(at) is managing the show and he asked us to send out the following:

We need items to sell. If you have anything around your home or your business that you don't really need anymore but you think it'd be worth something to someone we'd love to take it off your hands. Your donation will help the LPAC raise money. That money will help support our candidates in the November elections as well as help the LPAC continue to spread liberty through the rest of the year. The best part of donating is that you don't have to do anything! Just contact Jack Evans (jackevans(at) and we'll arrange to come pick it up!

We need people to help us with the following:
a)man the sale
b)fix the food
c)take the money
d)haggle with the customers
e)do the pricing
f)pickup items
g)setup and teardown
h) and a whole lot more...

In addition to regular volunteers we also need need some people to help manage the whole thing. If you can help by coordinating volunteers speak up! If you can help us by getting ads ready and out to the local papers and get flyers posted we would appreciate the help! This is a big undertaking and Jack can't coordinate all of it on his own. Please contact Jack Evans ( if you can help us here.

Location: Sears Pavillion (Foster Park in Fort Wayne)
When: Sun, Sept. 2 (item pickup, delivery, setup and pricing) from 9am to
11 pm
Mon, Sept. 3 ( sale) from 6 am to 11 pm

What: The garage sale will hopefully include donations of:
clothing (not usually a big seller),
children's clothing (always a BIG seller),
yard equipment,
lawn and patio,

So far, we have commitments of
a full sized bed/frame/headboard
a full computer system (P6 with monitor, keyboard, mouse)
a recliner
a Tivo
... so don't be shy, one man's junk... hmmm... gently used items is another man's treasure....

Other: We will be grilling hotdogs and selling sodas and bottled water (maybe burgers as well)
We think the prices will be hotdogs 2 for a dollar, hamburgers (if
sold) 1 dollar, sodas/water $.75
We are also entertaining the idea of free helium balloons for the kids (helium tanks is 25 dollars -- not currently budgetted)
The Libertarian candidates for city council will also be there!

So, we need to make $550 at the garage sale to break even (sorry, that's the bad news) But, the good news is that I believe we can break 2,000 this year and walk away with ab out 1500 in the general fund (or so I hope).... but it will only get done if people donate items and sacrafice their time.

Final frantic appeal:
YOUR PARTY NEEDS YOU NOW... please donate and volunteer....

Thanks all

Jack Evans (jackevans(at)
Libertarian Party of Allen County"

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