Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2001 Libertarian Party of Indiana Tax Plan - Posted Again

Governor Daniels has announced his new tax plan. It's only six years after the tax plan proposed by the Libertarian Party of Indiana, which addresses the very same issues. Here's a report of the 2001 Libertarian Tax Reform Plan I did in July of 2007:

"Do any of you remember the Libertarian Tax Reform Plan from 2001?

I bet the Indiana General Assembly is now wishing they had paid attention to it when the LPIN released it. The LPIN had a press conference at the Press Club around December of 2001, received some decent press coverage, and sent the release to all in the General Assembly, as well as to then Governor O’Bannon.

To refresh your memories, here it is (click on each page to enlarge):

Here are the people who were behind its creation in 2001:

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