Thursday, October 25, 2007

We Told You This Would Happen - Pictures from the Press Conference on the 2001 Libertarian Tax Plan

It was December, 2001 and the Libertarian Party of Indiana released its tax plan, apparently being prescient about the tax and spend disaster brewing in Indiana, yet Hoosier Libertarians thought it was obvious it was going to happen. Indiana's elected officials were either not prescient, or ignored the upcoming tax and spend disaster currently effecting our state.

Here's a photograph of the press conference held to announce the plan at the old Indianapolis Press Club:

From left to right is Kenn Gividen of Columbus, Sheri Conover Sharlow of Marion, Phil Miller of Greenfield, Brad Klopfenstein of Indianapolis and Mark Rutherford of Indianapolis.

Here's a picture of media listening to the press conference:

I don't ever like being able to say "I told you so", because this means that the prediction of a bad outcome has happened, but "I told you so" in December of 2001.

[The picture at the top of this blog shows Brad speaking and pictures other participants at the press conference (left to right starting from me) - Andrew Horning, now residing in Freedom, Sam Goldstein of Indianapolis and Mark Schreiber of Indianapolis]

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