Thursday, November 22, 2007

2007 Libertarian Party of Indiana Candidates - The Sidebar is Now Gone

Here is the list of 2007 Libertarian Party of Indiana Candidates that was in the side bar of the blog:

* Allison Maguire, Indianapolis City-Council At-large
* Barry Campbell, Indianapolis City-County Council District-21
* Bob Djordevich, Indianapolis City-Council District-13
* Bryan J. Miller, Knightstown Town Council, Ward 3
* Byron Peters, Fort Wayne City Council 1st District
* Carl Geiger, Pine Village Town Council
* Chris Ward, Mayor of Lawrence
* Christine Deitrick, Otterbein Town Council
* Dennis Wilson, Beech Grove City Council
* Doug Horner, Fort Wayne City Council at Large
* Eric Barnes, Lawrence City-Council District 2
* Fred Lutterman, LaPorte City Council
* Fred Peterson, Mayor of Indianapolis
* Gayle Bond, Hagerstown Town Council
* Gloria Diaz, Fort Wayne City Council 3rd District
* Greg Noland, Anderson City-Council At-large
* Gregg W. Roberts, Lakeville Town Council
* Jay Thompson, Gosport Town Council
* Jennie Calder, Wingate Town Council
* Jerry L. Mortimore, Pine Village Town Council
* Jon Bartels, Fort Wayne City Council 2nd District
* Kevin Fleming, Indianapolis City-Council at Large
* Kevin Ward, Terre Haute City Council at Large
* Margaret Kantz, Indianapolis City-County Council District-1
* Mark Lindborg, Michigan City City Council
* Michael Brightbill, Fort Wayne City Council at Large
* Michael Lisak, LaPorte City Council
* Michael Sloan, Pottawattamie Park Town Council
* Mike Martin, Georgetown Town Council
* Mohinder Dindiyal, Indianapolis City-Council District-22
* Paul Dijak-Robinson, Indianapolis City-County Council District-16
* Rick Bowen, Elkhart Common Council District 6
* Robert Enders, Fort Wayne City Council 6th District
* Robert Fuller, Fort Wayne City Council 5th District
* Russell Stwalley, Darlington Town Council
* Sam Dowden, Ingalls Town Council At-Large
* Susan Bell (Incumbent), Hagerstown Town Court Judge
* Thomas Keister, New Albany City Council Third District
* Tim Maguire, Indianapolis City-County Council At-large
* Webster Smith, Indianapolis City-County Council at Large
* William Larsen, Fort Wayne City Council at Large

Onward to Victory in 2008!

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