Wednesday, November 21, 2007

LaPorte County Libertarians Reaching Out to Ron Paul Supporters

Dan Drexler, an activist with the LaPorte County Libertarian Party, reports on the following outreach efforts by the LPLP with Ron Paul supporters:

"Last night we hosted our LPLP Meetup at HQ in LaPorte. We invited the Ron Paul supporters/organizers from the region to join us and update our members on the Paul campaign, have petitions available as well as signs and hand-outs. We made it clear going forward that this is not an endorsement of Dr. Paul, rather an opportunity for our members interested in supporting the Congressman's bid for POTUS to learn more about the campaign and become involved individually.

It went over very well. We had nearly 20 people. We had some longtime members show up that have been absent from our regular meetings. They brought friends. We also had a few people from Porter County and at least one new person from LaPorte who came on his own.

We had a great discussion -- all very libertarian. Andy and I agreed we need to continue this effort. We're going to offer up LPLP HQ as a joint Meetup through the winter.

One visitor noted he had walked into Porter County's GOP HQ with a Ron Paul button and was practically shunned. Then he comes to La Porte and the Libertarians host the evening. He liked that very much."

Ron Paul was the Libertarian candidate for President in 1988. The LaPorte County Libertarian Party has a building in downtown LaPorte that serves as its headquarters.


Jeremy said...

This should be a no brainer. It's hard to believe that there are idiots out there that are such party loyalist that they shun Ron Paul, but I've met some. I must applaud the LPLP. I hope to get out to a meeting soon. said...

"Idiots" may be too strong.

Making appeals to Republicans whose party has left their ideal (Libertarians are often more Republican than Republicans) makes sense. Sadly my last effort as an LPIN candidate was plagued with criticism for making such appeals.

Life goes on...

-- Kenn

Bill Fennell said...

I spoke with a Michiana Ron Paul organizer who attended a GOP luncheon that I did as well. He commented on the strong support they were getting averaging 20 plus people for meetings. I told him how when I was with the LP in St Joe County we only got 3 people or so to attend meetings. So the Ron Paul message is starting to resonate.