Monday, November 19, 2007

Libertarian Party of Indiana Says "Cut Spending"

Below is the script of the radio commercial running six times on WXNT 1430 AM in Indianapolis tomorrow during Abdul on the Morning (6 am to 10 am). It is being run to coincide with the General Assembly's organization day.

"Libertarians say " its time to put up or shut up. "

Once again, high property taxes are hurting hardworking Hoosier families -- many are losing homes to foreclosure. Year after year the Old Parties have known this was coming. Yet they did nothing to deal with the root cause of the problem ----their own excessive spending.

The Libertarian Party has been preaching the solution for years...

Instead of pretending to fix the property tax ----Cut Spending

Instead of raising the sales tax -----Cut Spending

Instead of raising the income tax ------Cut spending

Instead of creating new categories to tax, or shuffling the tax burden from one pocket to another ------Cut Spending

Hoosiers know that no matter which combination of taxes are paid, wasteful spending is the real problem.

The Indiana Legislature once again is getting ready to confront their property tax disaster. Libertarians ask Hoosiers to challenge the Indiana Legislature to "put up or shut up." Contact your legislator and tell them to cut the spending!

Paid for by the Libertarian Party of Indiana"

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Ed said...

I would like more mention of where the money goes. It goes to millionaires who "invest" in the Democrat and Republican candidates (often both) and the working man is the loser no matter who wins.