Saturday, November 17, 2007

Election Analysis by Marion County Libertarian Party Chairman Barry Campbell

Here's an analysis of the 2007 Indianapolis municipal elections by Chairman Barry Campbell from the latest Libertarian Party of Marion County newsletter:

"In 2003, we did not run a mayoral campaign and, in part, I think this year's totals reflect that. I think they speak to the importance of running candidates in all races. In 1999, voter turnout was 37%. In '07, it was down to 26%. In '99, Andy Horning received 3.69% of the vote. This year, Fred Peterson received 2.31%. I also believe that due to the contentiousness of the race just prior to the election, many voters who may have voted for a third party candidate reverted to their instinctive two-party habits.

In 2003, with a 27% voter turnout, .57% voted straight party Libertarian. That number doubled to 1.14% this year.

In 2003, our at-large council candidates received between .47% and .87% of the vote. This year, they received 1.33% to 2.05%. More than doubling.

In 2003, Margaret Kantz received 1.71% of the vote in District 1. This year - 2.91%. A 70% increase.

In 2003, Andy Hart received 3.07% in District 16. This year, Paul Dijak-Robinson received 3.44%. A 12% increase.

In 2003, Robin Campbell received 2.67% in District 20. This year, I received 3.67%. A 37% increase.

In Districts 13 and 22, we went from active to inactive campaigns, so percentages were down, but Bob Djordjevich received a respectable 2.66% in 13 and Mohinder Dindiyal received 3.09% in 22.

Dennis Wilson switched from a district council race in Beech Grove to an at-large race, receiving 3.57%.

As in Indianapolis, we had no mayoral candidate in Lawrence in 2003. In this year's contentious race, Chris Ward received 1.84%.

Overall, we've seen very impressive increases over the last municipal elections. In general, we are easily past the dreaded 2% level even as the number of voters continues to decline.

Again, thanks to all for representing the Libertarian Party of Marion County this year. Barry"

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