Friday, November 02, 2007

Jim Shella's Libertarian Stereotype is Wrong - But I Like His Blog Just the Same

Jim Shella of WISH TV 8 in Indianapolis has a blog called Political Blog with Jim Shella. I like his blog. It is updated most business days, is short, direct and almost always interesting.

However, in his November 2, 2007 entry, he indirectly suggests that Libertarians take Republican votes with his tongue in cheek comment "Did Bart Peterson recruit Fred Peterson?"

Libertarians attract votes from those who don't like Big Government candidates, be they Republican or Democrats. I've seen the polling results in past elections. In one Indiana congressional race in 2006, the Libertarian candidate reduced the margin of victory for the Democrat who won, even though pundits said he was "taking" votes from Republicans. In most races, the Libertarian candidate attracts voters who have often in the past voted for either Republicans and Democrats, but are tired of the big government tactics of those political parties.

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