Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shepard Excluded from WTHR Candidate Forum

Here's the release from the Libertarian Party of Marion County:

"Sean Shepard, the Libertarian Party candidate for the 7th District special congressional election, has been excluded from a televised candidate forum on Sunday February 24th at 9:30 a.m. on Indianapolis NBC-affiliate WTHR-Channel 13.

Here's WTHR's announcement:
(>(click here)

Please take a moment to send a polite reminder to the news station that there is a third candidate which you would like to see him in the debate. Please also tell your family and friends about your candidate's exclusion.

Write to: jluna@wthr.com (Jerry Luna, General Manager), 13news@wthr.com (the news department), krader@wthr.com (political reporter), jstehr@wthr.com, amorehead@wthr.com, bkopp@wthr.com, jmoffitt@wthr.com, sswan@wthr.com, atiernon@wthr.com (news anchors)

With little protest, the station also excluded the LP's candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis Fred Peterson from a similar candidate forum last November."


Eclecticvibe said...

I find your candidate's exclusion very disturbing. I wrote a letter on Mr. Shepard's behalf and I encourage others to do so as well. Everyone deserves to have their views heard. Dissent is a good thing!


Good job! He's now included in the debate! The buzz today after last night's Indiana Equality forum is good. People are perking up about Sean. They respect him! They like him!

We've got to continue to send the message that Indiana CAN send the 1st libertarian to Congress.

This will shake the status quo to its root! Nothing could be better for Indiana or America right now.

The political theme for 2008 is HOPE and CHANGE. Nothing embodies that spirit more than the heartland of America leading the way with a Libertarian representative.

Continue to tell people that this race IS possible and CAN be won.

When you watch the debates, you will see that Sean is not only the Libertarian, but he is also the very best candidate for Congress.

Indiana can lead the country!

Write to Reason TV, Reason Magazine, Neal Boortz, and any other Libertarian leaning group or person that you know. Ask them to help bring national attention to this political race.

Belinda, Neal Boortz' producer called me today. She's passing on our news to Neal. Wouldn't hurt if others contacted the show either.

Indiana CAN send a Libertarian to Congress!