Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shepard to Participate in Candidate Forum Tonight

Here's the latest release from the Shepard campaign:

Contact: Timothy Maguire

Shepard to participate in candidate forum
Indiana Equality shows character by inviting all three candidates to forum

INDIANAPOLIS, IN –Sean Shepard, Libertarian candidate in the March 11 special election, is being noticed by voters. This Wednesday, the LGBT community will get to hear from Shepard at an Indiana Equality sponsored candidate forum. Indiana Equality is a coalition of LGBT, allied and progressive organizations from around the Hoosier state, working to secure basic rights for Indiana’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) citizens.

"While I am a family man and do believe in family values," Shepard commented, "I also believe in equality and the right of Hoosiers to live their lives. That’s why I’m looking forward to this forum."

Please join Indiana Equality, Sean Shepard, and the other candidates at the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, Wednesday, February 20, 7:00 p.m. Issues will range from the Federal Marriage Act to military policy. (

Sean Shepard is a life long resident of Indianapolis and local businessman. He is married with two children who attend private Christian school. Mr. Shepard has been active in local politics for several years, has worked with Americans for Fair Taxation and helped organize and coordinate several of the local property tax protests in 2007. Mr. Shepard's policy approaches support affordable healthcare, lower taxes, protection of civil liberties, border security, school choice and a strong national defense

The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States, and is the only non-major party with ballot access in the state of Indiana. Libertarians believe in being SERVED by a small non-intrusive government that is financially responsible, administratively competent and socially tolerant.


Authorized by Sean Shepard for Congress: - (317) 513-2406

For more information on Sean Shepard, or to arrange an interview, please contact Timothy Maguire at (317)372-6436 or by email at"

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Anonymous said...

Here is Indiana's current “tax cut” plan:

• Reduce the increase in tax deductible property taxes and shift the entire tax burden to non-deductible sales taxes.

• Increase the local income tax

• Reduce no government spending


The bipartisan government-reform panel led by Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall Shepard and former Gov. Joe Kernan recommend the elimination of 1,155 units of government and 5,833 fewer elected officials statewide saving $400 million each year.
We've got to quit governing like this!

Message from former Governor Joe Kernan:

Study shows that Kernan-Shepard recommendations would result in between $200 and $400 million in savings each year