Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet Republicrat Presidential Candidate Sean Masterson - He Craves Your Approval

Click here to see the video about Republicrat Presidential Candidate Sean Masterson - a former TV weatherman with an outstanding 12% accuracy rate on his predictions.

It would be a fun video, if it wasn't a realistic satire on the true nature of America's entrenched one party system controlled by two factions who call themselves Democrats and Republicans.

Click here to get more videos about Republicrats and Masterson for President
- here's his platform on the economy"


"I will double the value of the dollar overnight," says Sean Masterson. How? "By discontinuing the $1 bill and issuing new $2 bills we'll call the new dollar. Exchange your old, weak $1 bills for the new, superstrong $2 bill today! Two is the new one!"

Hmmm - his position on the economy actually makes more sense than Obama's and McCain's positions. Of course, it pales in comparison with Libertarian nominee Barr's economic policies.


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