Friday, August 08, 2008

Students Needed to Form College Bob Barr Chapters

The Bob Barr Presidential Campaign is looking to form college chapters as soon as possible. Please spread the word and have interested students go to the Students for Bob Barr Facebook page or email Coordinator John Seewoester directly. Here's the message I received about this:

"Here is a message from our Students for Barr Coordinator - John Seewoester:

Hey Everybody,

The campaign is going great and we're excited to see that this group is growing - both in size and activity. As some of you may know, thousands of Colleges and Universities around the nation are getting ready to begin their fall semester. We're eager to spread Bob Barr's name around campus, but we need your help. If you are a college student, please join the Students for Bob Barr group found here: and consider forming a chapter at your college. We're hoping to hit the ground running when school starts up again, which is why we have set a goal for 100 chapters by August 18th.

Remember, we need everybody's help in order to put Bob Barr in the oval office."

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