Friday, August 08, 2008

"This smacks of something from Nazi Germany" - quote by neighbor of Mayor wrongfully targeted by SWAT team

The wife of the Mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, along with other people, were set up to receive a package of marijuana by at least two individuals who have now been arrested. This is disturbing enough.

What is more disturbing is the raid on his house by Prince George County police officials, who I'm sure were having a grand old time playing army and killing living creatures (two friendly Labrador retrievers). No common sense in this one.

This is very disturbing and is a result of our incredible unfocused War on Drugs and the growing militarization of our police departments.

The bad news in all of this - this happens all the time but usually to people who don't have the means and status in the community to fight back.

This must be stopped now, because it is now happening to respected Mayors of communities, and not just the "common folks" anymore. If it is not stopped now, then I fear the type of society we will have for my nephews and nieces. ("Your papers please?" - Oh, I forgot - we are already there.)

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